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V.A.S. Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. Provide

Best Autokatta RepairZ Confidence warranty Package

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Compressive Warranty Components Covered . . .
Parts and labour are covered for items listed below . . .


All internal components, including: Oil pump, crankshaft and pulley, big end and main bearings, Gudgeon Pin, Piston ,valves (Excluding Burnet and pitted Valves), Cylinder Head, Engine Block, Water Pump, (Failure Due to External Damage Or Corrosion is not Covered), Intel & Exhaust Manifolds, Radiator(No Corrosion & External Damage), Flywheel &Ring Gear, Gear & Chains, Camshaft, Cam Follower, Turbo.

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Manual Transmission:

Internal Gear, Shafts, Synchromesh Rings and Hub, Selector Forks, Bushes, Drive Chains, Gear.

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Automatic Gear Box:

Shafts, Gears, Brake Band, Valve Block, Governor, oil Pump,
Bearings & Bushes, Servo, Drive Plate & Transfer Gear

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Front Wheel Drive

Crown Wheel & Pinion, Differential Gears, Constant Velocity. Joints &Drive Shafts (Except Those with Boot Shaft Damage),
Drive Flange. 

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Rear Axle

Crown Wheel & Pinion, Differential Units, Shafts.

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Propeller Shaft

Shaft, Universal Joints

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Suspension & Steering

Upper & Lower Wishbones &Arms, Steering Box, Steering Column, Power Steering.
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Braking System

Master Cylinder, Brake Servo Unit, Booster, Diesel-Vacuum, pump, wheel cylinder
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Diesel Injection System:

Injection Pump, Glow Plunge & Electromagnetic Cut-Off.
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Master & Slave Cylinders.

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Fuel System:

Airflow Meter, Fuel Accumulator, Fuel Distributor, warm-Up
Regulator, Cold Start Valve, Reassure Damper, Auxiliary Air
Regulator, Engine Speed Sensor, ECU, ECM.

viraj auto services

Air Conditioning:

A/C Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator

viraj auto services